Losail International Circuit QATAR

Losail International Circuit is the official name of this MotoGP circuit in Doha, Qatar. This circuit becomes one of unique as well as challenging circuit, because its location is in the desert area. Therefore, the weather, road condition and the sand itself will become the main consideration for every team, when they prepare the motorcycle.  

Losail History

It needs more than a year to finish this circuit. The cost for finishing this circuit reaches $58 million.  And, it was sponsored by Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation. It needs more than 1,000 workers to finish this circuit on time, before its first event that was held on October 2nd, 2004. This is the first Marlboro Grand Prix event that was held in Qatar, especially on this circuit.

After that, this circuit has received many different addition, upgrade and renovation, which make it become much better circuit. One of them is the addition of permanent outdoor lighting in 2008. This lighting system made this circuit become the largest venue that was shined by permanent lighting system. The one that has responsibility to install this lighting system is Musco Lighting. And, this company did great and fast job, which only need 175 days to finish it. 

With better lighting system installed in Losail, they can broadcast better view of the race. Audiences also can see the rider clearly, and rider can see the track without problem. This is also allowed night race to be held. And, the first night race is one of the MotoGP race in 2008, and at that time, Casey Stoner from Ducati won the race.

In the beginning, Losail International Circuit was specially designed for motorcycling race. With 5.4 kilometers track length, that is perfectly fit for this race. However, in 2006, GP Masters series also held the race in this circuit. This was the first four wheels race in Losail. At that time, Nigel Mansell won the race. After that, 2009 also become the year where GP2 Asia was held. This is first night race for four wheeled vehicle, and Nico Hülkenberg won the race.

Track Characteristic


The 5.4 kilometers track in this circuit is designed to be able to survive from desert weather. One of innovative installation is the artificial grass that was installed on the side of track. This grass will prevent sand to enter the track that will harm the rider. This circuit has more than one kilometers of straight track. This is where all riders can have real fight. Along with this long straight track, there are also medium and high speed corner. Then, for adding more challenge, it also has quick left-handers, where riders can take over the opponent.

How to Get There

You can take a flight and land on Doha Airport. It’s around 22 miles from circuit. From this airport, you can drive and go to circuit directly. Or, you can use C-Ring Road then take Corniche Road to find Sheraton Hotel for staying while you are in Doha. But, basically, there are many hotels around the circuit, so you won’t get problem to find staying place.

Hotel Near Losail International Circuit


Red Bull Ring – Spielberg AUSTRIA

Previously known as A1 Ring, the GP Austria – Red Bull Ring Circuit gives fresh experience to MotoGP driver since the track route has been shortened. Lots of straight line followed by slow-taking turn is the trademark of the circuit. Aside from that, the circuit located in mountains gives the audience unique experience when watching the race.

The tracks and how does it look like

Because it is located in mountains, the terrain level of this circuit is quite vary compared to other circuits. The different height of the track provides tricky downforce adjustment since the wind may have different effect in different height. It has 10 turns with two medium straight line on finish line and after the turn 1. The length of the track is 4.318 km with 65 meters of altitude difference. For MotoGP class, the circuit has 28 laps with a total distance of 120.9km or 75 miles. The lower classes have total distances of 108.0 km and 99.3km or 67.0 and 61.6 miles (Moto2 and Moto3, respectively). Currently, the fastest lap time of the track is held by the Frenchmen Johan Zarco. The world record time was mad in 2017 season in 1 minute and 24.312 seconds. The average top speed in MotoGP class on the circuit is 182.6 km/h speed with 316.5 km/h for the top speed.  With that being said, the circuit is overall short but full of tight and slow turn alongside the different altitude that give the rider unique challenge in completing each lap. In 2018 season, the race will be held on 12th of August at 2.00 pm local time.

How can you access the place?

Located in Spielburg, the Styrian region of Austria, the Red Bull Ring is built in a mountainous area which gives you beautiful landscape as MotoGP audience. The access to the circuit is not as hard as you may think. Vienna is the closest place that has international airport which is 2 hours to travel by car from the circuit. It is approximately 200 km away from the circuit and the airport has all sort of flights. The closer alternative is smaller airport located in Graz, around 85 km from the Red Bull Ring. The airport has limited flights from neighboring region like Stuttgart, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, etc. The Graz airport also gives you alternative to travel to the Central Europe. There is also another small airport, Klagenfurt Airport (KLU), 100 km away from the circuit. This airport usually takes discount carrier flights to Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne with Eurowings and Germanwings are the dominant airlines. There is an exclusive airport for private planes, the Zeltweg, located precisely beside the track.

If you want to go to the Red Bull Ring Circuit by driving your car from capital city, Vienna, you can take A2 to Graz. Then you take S6 to Bruck/ Mur/ Semmering/ Neunkirchen West. After that, you should take S36 to Klagenfurt/ Knittelfeld/ Judenburg after passing St. Michael Junction. Go for an exit in Zeltweg Ost/ Spielberg then take the first left as well as another left to L503. Go for 2km and take right turn to the exit of the road towards the GP Austria – Red Bull Ring Circuit.

Automotodrom Brno CZECH REPUBLIC

Czech Republic is a worth it country to visit and one of the reasons is because the Brno Circuit. It might be your first visit. If you really want to visit Czech Republic and Brno Circuit, you should read the information below to broaden your knowledge about this Moto GP track first.

The Development of Brno Circuit

Some people don’t really know about Brno Circuit. Actually, it is a common thing because this circuit is also known as Masaryk Circuit. The name of the circuit is the same with the location of the circuit, Brno. The interesting fact about this circuit is that it was a public road and it was the longest road in Brno. The Brno Circuit was built in 19 mill public road. The total length of the track is around 5.403 km or 3.357 mi along with 15 turns. In specific, the turns consist of 9 right turns and 6 left turns. Moto GP is not the only great event which held in this circuit. The other motor sport events which also hold in the circuit are A1 Grand Prix, Formula 3 Euro Series, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, FIA GT1 World Championship, Superbike World Championship, and FIA World Touring Car Championship. Brno Circuit consists of 4 different road circuits. Those are the original circuit which designed around 1930 up to 1948, the second road circuit in 1949 up to 1963, the third road circuit in 1964 up to 1974, and the fourth road circuit in 1975 up to 1986. Today, Brno Circuit is a permanent circuit.

Best Route to Brno Circuit

The thing you also need to know is the way to go to Brno Circuit. Actually, there are several ways to go to this circuit. You can go by plane and transit on Brno International Airport, Prague Airport, and Vienna Schwechat International Airport, and Airport Bratislava. You just need to spend for about 25 km to the circuit from Brno International Airport. From the international airport, you just have to take D1 motorway which is directed to Prague. Then, turn off at the exit 182 Kwalka. Just find the Grand Prix and Paddock signs. Soon, you will see the circuit. You can also drive your own car by following the route above. If you want to go there by public transportation, you may try to use bus and don’t forget to take the bus no. 402. Motorcycle is also possible for those who want to go there personally.

Great Places to Visit

There are also several interesting places to visit before or after enjoying race at Brno Circuit. Let say, you can visit a great place known as the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. It is a national cultural monument and becomes a great attraction due to the splendid architecture. You can continue the journey to Spilberk Castel and Brno Museum if you still have time. This is also an ancient building from the 13th century. At that time, the place was a prison, fortress, and castle but today it becomes a museum.

So, what do you think? Do you want to go to Czech Republic now? If it is so, take Brno Circuit as your main destination and enjoy great race as well as the beauty of the surrounding.    

Sachsenring Circuit GERMANY

A must place you have to visit while spending time in German is Sachsenring Circuit. You have to know first why this circuit is a worth it to visit as well as what you can do while spending time around the circuit. The information below helps you to enjoy Sachsenring Circuit more than you are expected.

What You Should Know about Sachsenring Circuit  

When you are visiting Germany, you have to go to a town known as Saxony. Actually, Saxony is the location of Sachsenring Circuit. The exact location is on Hohenstein Ernstthal. The circuit divided into three different parts. The first part is circuit A Grand Prix Circuit along with 3.700km long. The second is circuit B or the Omega circuit. The length of this circuit is around 2.100km long. The third is circuit C and the length of this circuit is 1.700km long. The track is not only used for Moto GP event but also several precious motor sport events such as ADAC GT Masters, motorcycle Grand Prix, and FIA GT1 World Championship. The total of the spectators are various year by year. In 1998 when the circuit was firstly opened, the spectator was about 142.000 and until today, the spectator is around 211.588.

The Ways to Go to Sachsenring Circuit

So, how to go to the Sachsenring Circuit for the first time visitors? You don’t need to worry about that because there are several ways to go to this circuit. For those who want to visit this circuit by plane, you can choose start it from Dresden Airport or Halle Airport. The distance between Dresden Airport and Sachsenring circuit is around 95 km as well as from the Halle Airport is around 150 km. From the Dresden Airport, follow the A4 motorway around 90km until you see the exit of Hohenstein Ermstthal then turn left to the B180 trunk road. Follow the Sachsenring sign road and soon you will see the circuit. The route from the Halle Airport is the same but from the airport you have to go along A14 to the Dresden first then follow the route explained above. You can also go to the circuit by Flixbus or by train.

Exploring the City before and after Visiting Sachsenring Circuit

What do you have to do while waiting for the latest race at Sachsenring Circuit? The best way to spend your time there is by exploring the Hohenstein Ermstthal. Actually, this city was two separated areas which are Hohenstein and Ermstthal. The location is only 15 km from the Saxony. You are about to enjoy a place which has a great natural scenery and also silver mines. Moreover, you can also take a walk to enjoy Chemnitz. By visiting this area, you are about to enjoy the third largest city in Saxony. This area has fantastic foothills of the Ore Mountains.  

Now, you know that enjoying German is not only spending time in the capital city. More than that, you can go to specific city such as Saxony to enjoy Moto GP races at Sachsenring Circuit. Before or after that, you can explore the area to see the beauty of the surrounding.     


One of masterpieces you must see in Netherland is Assen Circuit. This is the place where some of historical motor sport events hold. Let’s check a little bit about the detail of the circuit as well as the interesting activities to do before entering the circuit.

Short Explanation of Assen Circuit

Assen Circuit was built in 1955 and firstly used for 1925 Dutch TT or Tourist Trophy Race. The length of this race is about 4.545 km or 2.824 mi along with several turns. When you are calculating the turns there will be 12 right turns and 6 left turns. The circuit is designed for huge fans of motor sport around the world so it is built for 100.000 spectators along with 60.000 seats. Besides Moto GP events, people around the world come to Assen Circuit to see the Superbike World Championship. You can also enjoy several popular motor sport events held here such as SBK Champ Car World Series, Super League Formula, and British Superbike Championship. Sebastien Bourdais is one of historical racers who can nail the track by achieving the fastest lap at Assen Circuit.

The Best Routes to Go to Assen Circuit

As a first time visitor, you must know the best route to go to Assen Circuit. Take a plane to Amsterdam Airport or AMS if you want to go to the circuit by plane. The best way to go to this track is by using the Stena Line ferry and you can use this ferry from Harwich International Port. When you are driving your own car, you just need to follow the Highway A28 and take exit 31A. After passing through the exit, you just need to follow the TT circuit sign and you will see the circuit. If you have to take public transportation, you can choose to go there by bus. What you have to is using City Bus 1. The bus route is straight to the northern part of the circuit.

Best Places to Visit near Assen Circuit

Do you want to enjoy interesting places close to Assen before entering Assen Circuit? That’s a good idea because there are several interesting places to visit. Try to go to Drents Museum especially if you love to learn history. This museum has hundreds of historical collections especially in archeology and arts. The main attraction is the oldest boat in the world. If you just want to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery, Landgoed Overcingel will be the best place to visit before the latest race at Assen Circuit. The location is the place where a monumental mansion was built and the best attraction is the outstanding English garden. How about if you want to eat first before enjoying the race? It is also a great idea since there are several popular restaurants here. You can go to Touche Lunch en Dinner, De Gulle Gans, Bella Italia, and Restaurant New Delhi. You can taste whether the local flavor or international flavors.     

Based on the information here, you can make a great plan if you want to go to Netherland. At least, you are not only visiting Assen Circuit but you can do something interesting there before or after enjoying the race at Assen Circuit.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya SPAIN

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

One of a must visit places in Spain is Barcelona Circuit or also known as the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This Moto GP track becomes a great attraction to enjoy while spending time in Spain. Check the detail below before visiting this track.

Barcelona Circuit Overview

Don’t forget to visit Barcelona Circuit if you are visiting Montmelo in Barcelona, Spain. This is circuit is a phenomenal one in Spain along with 4.655 km or 2.892 mi long. The unique part of this circuit is on the design in which it consists of long straights and various types of corners and also 16 turns. Because of the design, this Moto GP track is known as all rounder circuit. Based on the design and all parts of the circuit, Barcelona Circuit is licensed as FIA Grade 1 track. The capacity of this circuit is bigger than Mugelo Circuit in Italy. In specific, this track can cover up to 140.700 passengers to see great Moto GP races. Kimi Raikkonen was the historical Formula One driver who achieved the fastest lap in 2008. Barcelona Circuit is not only used for Moto GP race but also the other great sport events such as 1992 Summer Olympic, Formula One, Spanish Grand Prix, Catalan motorcycle Grand Prix, and World RX of Spain.

Routes to Barcelona Circuit

Before visiting Barcelona Circuit, you need to know the best route to go there. For foreigners who want to see the latest Moto GP race at Barcelona Circuit, you can go by plane. Take a plane which brings you to Barcelona International Airport or BCN. The location is around 10 km southwest to the Barcelona Circuit. Then, you can go to the location by bus for about 10 minutes up to 15 minutes.  You can also go to the regional airports such as Reus or Girona Costa Brava. The best option is flying from Girona which is located near to Costa Brava. For those who are coming from the North West, try to take the Renfe R2 or R2 Nord train and the location of Barcelona Circuit is around 30km from the closest train station.    

Interesting Places Close to Barcelona Circuit

You can do a lot of things before visiting Barcelona Circuit for the latest race. For example, try to go to La Rambla or known as the most famous street in that city. This is the place where you can enjoy a place known as Gothic Quarter as well as enjoying time in the restaurants or bars. You can also relaxing yourself on the beach around Barcelona. Barcelona has fascinating beaches and it is a great exploration before seeing the latest race at Barcelona Circuit. There are also several seafood bars ready to fill your eating desire. Specific palace such as Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is also a worth it place to visit before entering Barcelona Circuit. Basilica is an iconic and a masterpiece building in Barcelona. Spending time at the Basilica tower is the best way to see the beautiful scenery of Barcelona.

Now, you have more reasons to go to Barcelona next holiday. Going to the Barcelona Circuit is not the only plan but you can also go to the several interesting places across Barcelona.  

Autodromo del Mugello ITALY

Visiting Italy seems incomplete without visiting Mugello Circuit especially if you are Moto GP lovers. If you have a dream to go to this historical circuit and curious about it, read the detail below.


Mugello Circuit is also known as Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello and the location is in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, Italy. This circuit is not only used for Moto GP but also for smaller classes and even for Formula One testing. Mugello Circuit is also the place to hold an annual event by the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. In specific, you are about to see a 5.245km or 3.259 mi length circuit along with 14 turns. Interesting, the circuit only has one long straight in which around 1.141km or 1.247.813 yard. This circuit can hold up to 50.000 visitors to enjoy a great Moto GP seasonal event.

The Route to Go to Mugello Circuit

The short detail above makes you even curious and can’t wait to see this great circuit, isn’t it? So, how can you reach Mugello Circuit? You can just start your journey to Mugello Circuit from Florence Airport. The location of the circuit is about 30 km far from the airport. If you want to go there by train, you can take Borgo San Lorenzo’s railway station. From this railway station, you just need to take for about 5 km far before arriving at the circuit. There are also several accommodations close to the circuit including B&B La Pieve, Casa Amerigo, La Cascata, and many more. Do you want to eat first before entering the circuit? It is a big problem at all because you can easily find places to eat there. Try to visit specific places such as Borgo San Lorenzo, Dicomano, Firenzuola, Marradi, Palazzuolo Sul Serio, Scarperia e San Piero, and Vicchio to get delicious foods with local or international taste. The location is only offering ordinary restaurant but also interesting place to eating for family such as farm holiday or wineries and beer shops. The types of foods are also various including local cuisine, pizza, fish, and ethnic cuisine. Even, you can easily find specific foods such as gluten free cuisine, vegetarian foods, and even meals for children.

Interesting Places Close to Mugello Circuit

You explore interesting places around Mugello Circuit before watching the Moto GP race. For example, you can visit a beautiful place namely House of Giotto. The best thing you can do here is seeing the beautiful natural scenery around the place such as soft hill, grazing cows, and sunflowers field. The building is also a historical building in which it is a restructured building and the place of Giotto when he was 10 years old before going to Florence to work as an apprentice. You can also bring your beloved family to explore the Medicean Park of Pratalino. There will be a lot of wonderful things you can enjoy there before going to the circuit. The wonderful scenery makes your relax for awhile and it might be a romantic place for couples.

It seems that you have to make a plan to go to Mugello Circuit right away to reduce your curiosity. The circuit is great as well as the attractions in the surrounding.

Hotel Near Mugello Circuit


Le Mans Circuit FRANCE

If you heard about Circuit de La Sarthe, maybe you aren’t familiar with it. But, this is the official name of Le Mans circuit, one of the most popular circuits in Europe.  This circuit was well-know because there is 24 hours endurance race that held in this circuit. But, that’s not all. Le Mans circuit is also known as one of the most challenging circuit for MotoGP rider. Le Mans circuit itself has three different circuits that are usually used for many racing event, which are 24 Hours Course, Bugatti Circuit and Maison Blanche Circuit.

24 Hours Course

In the beginning, this circuit was used for motorcycle racing in 1920. Then, in 1922, Union Motocycliste de France (UMF) and Automobile Club de l’Quest (ACO) proposed idea about 24 hours racing. Georges Durand, ACO secretary, received 100,000 Francs to run this idea. With this fund, they started to make many changes for the race and use the money as the prize for the winner. 

The real 24 hours endurance race was started on May 26th, 1923. 33 cars from 18 different manufacturers and companies join this race. On that first 24 hours event, Lagache and Leonard won the race. Using Chenard-Walker, they have successfully reached the finish after going through 1,732 miles of course with 57 mph average speed.

Then, there was many improvements made for the course after this first racing event. They add the first asphalted course after that. Parking area was also created, where it can hold around 3,000 vehicles. Other new addition is “Rue du Circuit”, new course that won’t disturb the neighborhood. The similar concept was also used for next change in 1932 and 1939. This addition has been added one after one until the latest one in 2016, where there are new four grid garage for racer team.

Bugatti Circuit

This is the first permanent circuit that was building in 1950, inside the 24 Hours Course. This new course doesn’t connect to public road, which make the racing can be held easier and safer. There are many new and interesting course layouts in this inside circuit. For example, the Serpentine layout used 24 Hours course’s facilities. The latest change is the new straight line on the exit of the circuit. This will make rider can ride at maximum speed for the final race. Nowadays, Bugatti Circuit becomes the busiest circuit today.

Maison Blanche Circuit

This circuit was built for testing purpose as well as race school. There are multiple layouts of course on this circuit that can be used for many different events. Race on this course will make the rider can feel how to race in 24 Hours course.

How to Get to Le Mans Circuit

The closest airport from this circuit is Tours Val de Loire Airport. From this airport, you can take a car for one hour to reach the circuit. This is also international airport, so it can be reached by anyone from other country. Other than this airport, there is also Paris International Airport. However, this one is much further, which is 150 miles from this circuit. You will need around 2.5 hours to get from that airport to the circuit by car.

Hotel Near Le Mans Circuit


Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto SPAIN

Circuito de Jerez or Jerez Circuit is one of much circuit for MotoGP racing in Spain. We can say that this circuit is one of most important motorcycle racing circuit in Spain. With the capability in holding up to 200,000 spectators, we can say that this circuit becomes the main destination for GP racing lover. Other important reason that makes this circuit important is its long history.

The History of Jerez Circuit

This circuit has been operated since 1950s. At that time, the first course that was used for racing is located in Valdelagrana, right beside the beach in this area. Then, the owner changes its location to near Avenida de America in 1963. Previously, this circuit also held some of racing event, such as Trofeo de la Merced in 1960. This event can be considered as big event, because at that time, there are many famous racers raced on this event. 

Then in 1980s, the circuit was moved to Jerez. Pedro Pacheco Herrera, mayor of Jerez at that time, gave permission to build this new circuit. This new circuit has new design in the shape of autodrome. The constructed was started in 1985. Spanish engineer, Manuel Medina Lara, led the project with help from Alessandro Rocci for the idea. 

The first part of circuit was finished on December 1985. And, they held racing event to commemorate this moment. It was Spanish Touring Car Championship. The course was really difficult, especially when it is raining. However, the race event can be held successfully. 

The Jerez circuit was really finished in April 1986. And, they also held the first Spanish Formula One Grand Prix, where Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell fight really tight in this race. Then, this was becoming one of the closest ever finish racing in F1 history.

The first motorbike race was started in 1990, which is Spanish Motorbike Grand Prix. Unfortunately, in the same years, there was incident occurs. Martin Donnelly experienced sever accident that make the race was moved then to Barcelona circuit. To deal with it, in 1992, there were many changes that are made, in order to attract more international racing event.

Circuit Characteristic

The most interesting about the course in Jerez Circuit is most of them are used to be street circuit. Therefore, rider will feels like ride through the city. However, there are also many new challenges in course. For example, the parabolic corner, make it as one of the longest corner where rider need more focus. There is also 600 meters straight course, where rider can run as fast as they can. This circuit can be said as one of the difficult circuit, because there are many turn and corners, with less straight. 

How to Get to Jerez Circuit

You can take a car and drive for 15 minutes from Jerez Airport, the nearest airport from this circuit. This airport has international flights, so you can take it directly from your place. Or, if you stay in Cadiz, you can take A-382 Jerez-Arcos motorway and Exit 3 to reach this circuit.

Hotel Near Jerez Circuit


Circuit Of The Americas UNITED STATES

Circuit of the Americas is the new name of Austin Circuit. We can say that this circuit is one of the best circuits in the world. The complete facilities and feature, as well as challenging course, which make the race become much more interesting, are the main reason here.

The History 

In the beginning, Circuit of the Americas was purposely build for F1 Grand Prix. Tavo Hellmund, a promoter and former Formula 3 racer proposed this idea. And, in 2010, he gets the permission as well as 890 acres of land that is ready for building circuit. With help from Red McCombs and Bobby Epstein as the main investor, the process to build this new circuit can be started.

The circuit was started to build on December 31st, 2010. It needs around two years to finish this circuit, precisely June 2012. The design was created by Hellmund himself, Kevin Schantz, Texas motorcycle world champion and Hermann Tilke that has lot of experience in designing F1 circuit. They take many ideas from many different circuits in the world, from Silverstone circuit to Chapel circuit. The building process was taken care by HKS, Inc. and Miro Rivera for amphitheatre design.

The circuit passed all requirements that FIA has to hold a race on September 2012. On November in the same year, the first F1 race was held for the first time. This was marked the main purpose for building this circuit, which is to take back the F1 race to US has been successfully fulfilled. And this circuit was satisfied all racer at that time. The course, facilities, pit and other has the most advanced technology and comfortable design. That make every team can easily set their team and racer can give their all. And, since 2013, MotoGP racing was also held in this circuit. It keeps running until today.

Course Characteristic

As mentioned before, this circuit was designed by using many circuits in the world as the inspiration. Therefore, there are many unique characteristic of other circuits that can be found here. For example, the elevation changes and Turn One part, is similar to Hockenheim and Istanbul Park circuit. First sector of the course hold straight and corner where racers can get more difficulty in overtaking their opponent. This is also the part that all racers are praised. Overall, this circuit has intermediate to advance difficulty.

How to Get to Circuit of the Americas

We can say that Circuit of the Americas is one of the easiest to get circuit. Its location is near Austin, Texas. If you stay in Austin, you can take a drive for 20 minutes to reach this circuit. And, if you come with airplane, this circuit is only 10 miles far from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Hotel Near Circuit of the Americas


Termas de Río Hondo ARGENTINA

Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo is one of best MotoGP circuit you can find in South America. This circuit is located in Rio Hondo city. The most interesting part is it is also near the Rio Hondo lake, which make this circuit become one of beautiful circuit. Therefore, the audience can also have great vacation, before they watch the race.

History of Circuit

This circuit was built by provincial government. They spend more than 144 million pesos to finish it. The first opening event was in May 11th, 2008. At that time, they held Turismo Carretera, which is the traditional race event. This event successfully has attracted more than 65,000 people to come and watch it. 

In 2012, Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo got its first renovation. This first changes build better features and facilities in this circuit. Jarno Zaffeli, one of famous Italian circuit design specialist, involved in this project. They hope that with these new changes, this circuit can attract international race event to be held in it. There are many improvements that had been made at that time. They redesign this circuit, so it can fulfill the FIM Grade A standard. Dromo Company was also involved in developing the simulation software to create more advance system in it.

The course also has changed and added with many new features. From safe run areas to addition new challenge in the course.  The new addition of pit facilities as well as bigger control tower make this circuit was ready for holding big racing event. More than that, there is unique feature after this new renovation, which is museum.

With this new change, finally, in 2013, this circuit was included in MotoGP calendar. Unfortunately, there was problem between Spanish oil firm Repsol and Argentine government. In the end, the event was cancelled. And, this circuit has been kicked out from that 2013 racing calendar. However, after the problem solved, it then was announced that Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo will be included in 2014 to 2016 season.

The Course in Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo 

This circuit has characteristic where there will be many takeovers happen in race. Here, there is 1350 meters of straight track, where racer can get their motorcycle run at its max speed. Then, by the new renovation in 2012, some of new course design was added and stay until today. There is new infield loop, which add more challenge. Then, fast 180 degree first turn after long straight will be able to change the pace of the race. The new curve in the middle sector gives racer new spot for overtaking the opponent. The most interesting part is the final corner, which become smaller and make it difficult to take over.

How to Get There

This circuit is located Termas de Rio Hondo, which is the nearest airport you can find is Las Termas Airport. This is Rio Hondo airport. However, there are also other airports where audience can go to this circuit, which is Vicecomodoro Angel de la Paz Aragones Airport, which is located in Santiago del Estero. Just take route 9 from those airports and you can arrive in this circuit.

Hotel Near Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo