Losail International Circuit QATAR

Losail International Circuit is the official name of this MotoGP circuit in Doha, Qatar. This circuit becomes one of unique as well as challenging circuit, because its location is in the desert area. Therefore, the weather, road condition and the sand itself will become the main consideration for every team, when they prepare the motorcycle.  

Losail History

It needs more than a year to finish this circuit. The cost for finishing this circuit reaches $58 million.  And, it was sponsored by Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation. It needs more than 1,000 workers to finish this circuit on time, before its first event that was held on October 2nd, 2004. This is the first Marlboro Grand Prix event that was held in Qatar, especially on this circuit.

After that, this circuit has received many different addition, upgrade and renovation, which make it become much better circuit. One of them is the addition of permanent outdoor lighting in 2008. This lighting system made this circuit become the largest venue that was shined by permanent lighting system. The one that has responsibility to install this lighting system is Musco Lighting. And, this company did great and fast job, which only need 175 days to finish it. 

With better lighting system installed in Losail, they can broadcast better view of the race. Audiences also can see the rider clearly, and rider can see the track without problem. This is also allowed night race to be held. And, the first night race is one of the MotoGP race in 2008, and at that time, Casey Stoner from Ducati won the race.

In the beginning, Losail International Circuit was specially designed for motorcycling race. With 5.4 kilometers track length, that is perfectly fit for this race. However, in 2006, GP Masters series also held the race in this circuit. This was the first four wheels race in Losail. At that time, Nigel Mansell won the race. After that, 2009 also become the year where GP2 Asia was held. This is first night race for four wheeled vehicle, and Nico Hülkenberg won the race.

Track Characteristic


The 5.4 kilometers track in this circuit is designed to be able to survive from desert weather. One of innovative installation is the artificial grass that was installed on the side of track. This grass will prevent sand to enter the track that will harm the rider. This circuit has more than one kilometers of straight track. This is where all riders can have real fight. Along with this long straight track, there are also medium and high speed corner. Then, for adding more challenge, it also has quick left-handers, where riders can take over the opponent.

How to Get There

You can take a flight and land on Doha Airport. It’s around 22 miles from circuit. From this airport, you can drive and go to circuit directly. Or, you can use C-Ring Road then take Corniche Road to find Sheraton Hotel for staying while you are in Doha. But, basically, there are many hotels around the circuit, so you won’t get problem to find staying place.

Hotel Near Losail International Circuit